St Patrick’s Day Parade,  March 14, 2017


Clann Lír,  the Children of Lir, was the theme of this year’s ÁdTF float in the Worcester, Massachusetts St. Patrick’s Parade. King Lir’s first wife died and his new wife, Queen Aoife, became jealous of his children.  Aoife had magical powers so she turned the children into beautiful swans.  She also used her magic to make the spell last for nine hundred years.


Irish Language students, Patrick Moriarty and Ruth McClure , stand in front of the float depicting the story from Irish folklore.

King Lear (Patrick Moriarty) and Queen Aoife (Ruth McClure) stand beside the float depicting the swans.


The children who were turned into swans with one of the guards.


Float musicians Deirdre Sweeney and Al Petty played for the enjoyment of parade watchers.


Deirdra Murphy and Martin Gavin carry the AdTF banner.

Irish Language learner marches in the parade.

Kathy DeGraaf , dressed for the weather, marched in the parade.