About Us

About Ár dTeanga Féin

Ár dTeanga Féin (also known as AdTF) is a not-for-profit, non-political, and non-sectarian educational organization, whose purpose is to promote and teach the Irish language and culture in Central New England. Ár dTeanga Féin, which means “Our Own Language”, is a Worcester, Massachusetts-based group which has held Irish language classes in various Central New England locations since 1986. AdTF is run entirely by volunteers devoted to the preservation and use of the Irish language. Only its teachers are paid.

If you would like to get in touch with AdTF, please send all correspondence to: Irish Language Classes, P.O. Box 74, Worcester, MA 01613 or email us at info@adtf.org@gmail.com
How Ár dTeanga Féin is Run

Ár dTeanga Féin has a governing body called the “Ard Comhairle” (High Council), a slate of elected officers and several committees who conduct business and projects on behalf of the membership. The membership consists of all active students and teachers, as well as supporting members. All members have full voting privileges at any Ard Comhaile they attend. A copy of Ár dTeanga Féin’s bylaws is available upon request.

The Ard Comhairle meets twice yearly, in the first week of May (Bealtaine) and November (Samhain) to conduct business and arrange classes. Officers are elected for a one-year term at the May meeting. Committees, such as the Events Committee and the Publicity Committee, always welcome new members in the effort to promote AdTF.

The officers and committee chairs elected in May 2017 are:
President: Michael “Des” McLoughlin
Vice-Presidents: Susan Gallivan, Susan Ott
Treasurer: Kathy DeGraaf
Secretary: Peg McMenemy
Publicity Committee : Deirdra Murphy, Elisha Foley
Special Media: Martin Gavin
Web Committee  : Peg McMenemy, Kathy DeGraaf, Deirdra Murphy